Golf Slice for an Easy Fix and a Good Stance

The number one problem the average golfer encounters with their golf game is slicing the golf ball. We’ve all been through it. Some players will even aim their drive to the extreme left side of the fairway to try and compensate for it going way over to the right side. By simply correcting your golf slice you will cut several strokes off your scorecard.

Many golfers will spend years living in frustration with their golf game because they never take the time to learn why they slice the golf ball, or how to fix the problem. If you ever expect to become a better golfer, you must learn how to correct your slice. Listed below are some tips that will help anyone cure a slicing problem.

A Good Stance

The right stance should put your feet about as wide as your shoulders. Be sure your shoulders are aligned to the target you’re aiming for. If you are questioning whether or not you’re lined up to the target, lay a golf club down on the ground against your toes. See if it is aiming at your target. If not, simply adjust your stance so that you’re lined up correctly. Your right foot should be straight ahead and your left foot should be pointing a little to the left.

Be sure your elbows are natural and comfortable. Keep in mind that even minor adjustments or changes can make big differences in where your golf ball will end up. Be sure to spend time at the driving range practicing your stance. Make the changes you need to make to align yourself properly. This time will be well spent. You’ll be amazed at the results.

Grip The Golf Club Correctly

By adjusting your golf grip correctly, you can help cure a slice quickly. The proper grip will have your left hand and your thumb along the shaft. It should line up pointing toward your right eye. Next, wrap your right hand over your left and be sure your right palm is sitting over your left thumb.

Another common problem is gripping the golf club tightly with your right hand. This will cause you to hook the ball. On the flip side, a weak grip will keep the clubface open and cause you to slice.

To correct your golf slice that is caused by a weak grip is to roll your hands back so that your weaker backhand faces the target and your stronger backhand faces in the opposite direction. This grip will eliminate your slice.

By going to the driving range and practicing this new golf grip you will know immediately if this is what has been causing you to slice the golf ball. Be sure to take your time and make small adjustments to your grip. This may sound too simple, but an improper golf grip is a cause of most slicing problems. By changing your grip you may be able to correct your slice in a quick amount of time.

Good Swing Mechanics

Correcting your golf swing mechanics is yet another good cure to fixing a golf slice. A correct backswing begins with your hands, followed by your arms and then your shoulders, all in one fluid motion.

The right downswing starts by turning your hips, keeping your eyes focused on the golf ball and your head should be behind the ball as you go into your follow-through.

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