Enter the World of Street Racing

Car racing is considered as one of the most popular sports in the world. It has been popularized by the production of different cars from all over the world. However, there is a more exciting type of car racing known as Street Racing.

A lot of people started to gain interest on street racing during the prohibition days of the 1930 s. Historians said that it is the start of street racing in the United States and in other parts of the world.

Of course, parts of this type of car racing are the cars coming from Japan. Basically, Street racing is considered illegal so people are no encouraged to watch or to support street racing. However, some people see it as the heart of car racing since you can express yourself and show your real talent in handling a car.

Another concern on this kind of racing is that it is not safe. There are no advanced safety guidelines implemented during a street race.

There are a lot of accidents occurring during a street race

Japan is a known producer of various circuit cars in the world. This is also the main reason why Japan is one of the hottest spots of underground racing in the world.

The street racing culture in Japan started when street racers known as appeared on expressways and public highways of Japan. Street racing often occur on the Expressway in Tokyo.

Since they created most of the popular racing cars in the world, you can already say that there are a lot of street racers in Japan. There are a lot of race circuits located in Japan but it has become overcrowded and they will have to pay a lot of money just to have a race track. This is also one of the reasons why they consider street racing instead of the traditional car racing.

In the movie The Fast and the Furious:

Tokyo Drift, you can see how street racers gather together in Tokyo, Japan and how they conduct street racing on the place. You will see how exciting and dangerous the games are.

So how do you race on an illegal race track?

This game may be considered illegal but they still implement some other rules that you need to follow. When starting a race, everything must be fair and the participants must all be in line.

Cheating is prohibited even if it is illegal but the game will solely depend on how good you are when it comes to driving. Unlike traditional car racing, you can modify your cars in your own preference. You can add whatever you want as long as it will not hurt the other racers.

Of course, street racing also means fashion and design. You do not only take a car on the race and win. It is also tradition for racers to make their own car look good. They often add body paints, some other modifiers and LED under body lighting, which is really popular among racers.

Most of them consider the 7 color LED under body kit that provides seven varying colors. Aside from speed, they also show how great these racers are when it comes to fashion and design and how good they are in modifying their cars.

As you can imagine, automotive lighting is a very significant part of the game since underground racing happens at night when the roads are cleared from public vehicles. Before a race starts, careful planning is done to make sure that nothing will interrupt the races. They make sure that they do not cross any police hot spots and getting escape routes in case of a raid.

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