Texas Motor Speedway This Weekend

So we’re getting ready to head out tomorrow morning – Texas Motor Speedway for our last NASCAR race of the year, well MY last NASCAR race possibly ever. The rest of the family already has plans on going to Daytona which I said I’d never miss, but after the racing season I’m not so sure.

I may give Daytona one last look, but if things don’t change in this series EARLY on in season I think I won’t be the only one planning my exit.

The drivers seem to be just as frustrated with the current series plan as the fans do – well, except for Jimmie Johnson who never seems to truly have a bad day, a bad race or any problems.

A friend of mine has this theory about Johnson that if ever had to face adversity such as Dale Earnhardt Jr. has had to this season, or seen his winning streak dwindle as Kyle Busch has this season – or even had to face the challenges of starting up a new team and getting the negative press that Tony Stewart has this year

That he would crack under the pressure. When you think about it – what adversity has California-boy Johnson ever had to face? He never seems to have bad equipment, he’s only had a few “bad races” which really when compared to the crap his teammates have faced – including Jeff Gordon – weren’t really all that bad… how WOULD he cope?

Anyway – enough Jimmie bashing, my problems with NASCAR don’t really have anything to do with him. I miss the old NASCAR – that feeling of “anything can happen @ a race”. Now it feels a lot like the old World Wrestling Federation when you knew that the appearance of Hulk Hogan in the ring either meant a slam-dunk WIN or some major drama to be stirred up for a bigger match in the coming weeks.

It feels SCRIPTED, PLANNED, PRE-DESTINED or however you want to categorize it. It just doesn’t feel like the sport I used to know, enjoy and get excited to see.

OK – so I’ll go to Daytona. I’m going to enjoy Texas this weekend because that track is always a blast – the PEOPLE there really just know how to watch a race. So no matter who wins or how frustrated I am with NASCAR I’m going to have a good time and bring some picks back for the Car Racing galleries. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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