The Gears of War 3 Emergence Night Online Game

Last night, Gears of War 3 (Go W 3), which will soon also be released in Germany, was celebrated in the Cologne Film house with the Gears of War 3 Emergence Night. We from were there and were able to see and test exclusive scenes from the campaign, Horde 2.0 and the new Beats Mode. Here’s a preview of what’s awaiting you on September 20th.

The US Gears of War 3 has given an Ab-18 seal. It was official – Epic Games Gears of War 3 will be released in Germany on the 20th of September.

This have Lima “Hooligan” Ashley and Lucy “Queenly” Gross Putsch took the opportunity on the edge of games, the Gears of War 3 Emergence Night to launch. At this event, Gears of War 3 was presented at the Cologne Film house. Guests were allowed to watch the Horde 2.0 and Beast multiplayer modes as well as a presentation of the single or co-op campaign.

It was played in a movie theater, with one player holding the leash wall as a screen and the rest chasing the bacon – interactive cinema. It was on the Maps Hotel and Overpass .
Hotel is an urban night card in the center of which is an abandoned hotel. Overpass, however, plays during the day and is more sprawling than the hotel. She is at a leaving passage in the sunken city of Macintosh. Both maps could be played in the Horde 2.0 mode or in the new Beast mode.

The Horde mode from Gears of War 2 occurred up to 4 players against 50 waves of attackers, which were always difficult. Horde 2.0 is the more advanced form of this multiplayer mode in Go W 3.

In this up to five players can now compete against the superiority of attackers. Also, the mode has added a money and attachment system, giving the mode a bit more tactical depth. Players now have to agree on how they want to use money. The money they earn by killing, resurrecting and surviving a wave can be invested in defense, such as fortifications or defense towers. These can be built, upgraded or repaired.

You can also buy firepower in the form of weapons. Because weapons are still around on the map around, but can only be collected with the appropriate small change. It is also possible to use his money as a rebut-in and after his own death back into the game. These innovations complement the mode outstanding and reward good team play. Single-highhandedly, opponents such as the Berserk er, a Juggernaut-like monster, or Burma, a house-high monster, cannot be killed.
In contrast to the defensive and slower Horde mode is the new Beast mode. In this, the players slip into the role of Locust and try to overrun human positions. Up to 5 players can try as Ticker, Drone or Butcher. Whereby two players have to play the role of the ticker

each class has certain skills that it should use to snake its mercilessly ticking clock. Although tickers can effectively destroy fortifications and enter towers, they are almost defenseless against direct attacks. They can only blow themselves up and hope to take an opponent with them.
Drones are locust foot soldiers, which are played like the regular human characters and are suitable for medium to long distances, depending on the weapon. Butcher is not so flexible and is more at home in melee.

Only by playing together can fortifications be destroyed and the defenders overwhelmed to advance wave by wave. But not only multiplayer was shown. Mike C apps (President, Epic Games) and Chris Skimmer (Producer, Gears of War) showed a few minutes of the campaign’s campaign.

In this mission we are as Cole with Baird Carmine and a female soldier in Hanover, the home town of Cole, in search of supplies. The city seems deserted, but we quickly find a Transgender base. In a Cetacean our offer of trade is rejected because the Stranded people do not credit the Coalition of Governments to the GOG, to which we as soldiers belong.

It can be seen that Epic has worked on the narration and script. These are real dialogues and the characters seem to have more depth. Whether they are no longer just muscle-packed guys showing off some underground monsters with chainsaw rifles in two, the full version will show.

We are sent further into the city to look for supplies and warned of opponents. One block farther we face the new enemy in Gears of War 3, the Savaged Locust. These are locust mutants due to contact with toxic emulsion. They have some tentacles and explode all when they are killed. Unlike normal Locust, they do not just crawl out of holes in the earth, but are “spit” into the fight by huge tentacles that thrive in the ground.

The firefight is intense as it is for Go W 3. Grenades and body parts Fly, cover and blood flow in buckets. It is screaming, cursed, and groaned what the stuff. This game has not been made for fussy minds.
After the fire, the demo ends, but it leaves a good impression.

Then another Xbox 360 Slim with the Gears of War Vault was raffled and it went on with Horde and Beast on. Competitive Multiplayer was not shown, but in the long beta phase, we could allude to this. He is tough, but if he can play in the big league with Battlefield and Call of Duty, only time will tell. Allen in Allen was the Gears of War 3 Emergence Night a successful event.

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