The Golf Shoes With Size for Golf Tournament

I have been reading what podiatrist Gary Fried lander says about choosing the best golf shoes – including comfort and support. Fried lander is the Director of Midwestern University Clinic–Pediatric Medicine & Surgery says “it all boils down to a shoe that fits you best,

The one that gives you proper support, flexibility, cushioning, and of course, what you feel most comfortable in”.  In addition to what we’ve looked at before here are a couple of new things to add to the check list.

Choosing Golf Shoes: Update

[1] You should try your golf shoes towards the end of the day, when your feet are larger than earlier in the day and more representative of when you’re on the 17th tee.

[2] Your golf shoes should ideally have a small heel (say 1 or 1 1/2″) which is better than flat shoes.  Tell that to the “lite” golf shoe brigade!

[3] Bigger & rounded toe boxes are better than pointed toes (which are only going to squeeze your toes).

[4] The mid-section of the golf shoe should be slightly raised where the arch of your foot is, in effect providing a resting place for the length of your sole.

I know that I’m the sort of golfer that changes his golf shoes in the car park, so I don’t spend so much time in the changing/locker room but I’ve been going to golf clubs for 40 years and I cannot remember seeing a golf shoe bag!

Maybe the better ones (and boy there are a lot advertised – and boy are some of them special – and costly), maybe these are used for air-travel.  There’s a lot of travelling golfers these days and we know they like to use their own shoes, so maybe you see them at airports?

Prices range from about £10/$10 (what’s the difference these days!) (As the ones on the left from Amazon) to £/$100.  The very smart ones – with history in their manufacturing companies – look like very special luggage. And the ones I looked at, purely as a by-stander, (Hartman’s also at Amazon) were sold out, so someone’s buying them!  They are better (and more costly) than my golf shoes!

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