Where to Find Cheap Golf Clubs

Thrift shops are a great place to search for some cheap golf clubs, but make sure you purchase your golf balls from our online store!

Sometimes you may find yourself in a position where you need golf clubs quickly and cheaply. This could be for a number of reasons: Maybe your boss asked you to play thinking you already had a set, or perhaps you’re traveling and were invited to an impromptu round on a local back nine. In any case, you need equipment and you need it fast.

Here are some places to look for cheap golf clubs:

  • Craigslist: You may know it as the place to look for jobs and apartments, but typically you’ll find many listings of people trying to get rid of golf equipment that has been collecting dust in their garage.
  • E Bay: This isn’t an especially fast option, but if you anticipate you’ll need clubs and would rather not buy a brand new set, you’ll almost certainly be able to find a good deal on eBay, and you’d be surprised at the quality of clubs you can get for a good price.
  • Thrift Shops: Many secondhand stores, such as Goodwill, will have old bags of golf clubs that were thrown out by someone who couldn’t find the time to play golf regularly. You can usually buy these sets for as little as a few dollars and you may even discover that they’re in pretty good shape!

For cheap golf balls, however, there’s simply no alternative to our online store. We carry all the best brands, including Titlist, Bridges tone, Ron and Calla way. You’ll find that our AAA golf balls are in superb condition, as we carefully inspect each ball to ensure that it is free of scratches, stains and blemishes that can affect performance.

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