The Torres Will Transfer Disclosure Requirements Exposed

There are 2 ½ days in winter time will transfer over, the pace of Torres Chelsea chasing more and more tight, Torres handed in transfer request was rejected, the golden boy bent on going to leave Infield in the transfer requirements of a public statement to convince Liverpool top release.

Liverpool’s official website has proven that they turned down Chelsea offer £ 4000, while Torres also rejected the transfer application, but not willing to tell Doltish World Cup Football Shirt Torres you want to leave their wish after a Spanish side came

The sources indicated that Golden Boy is considering whether to make a public statement requested the transfer, and explain the reasons for the transfer in order to force Liverpool’s top release. In addition, his agent also wrote to the new owners of Liverpool, Henry, why the statement should be released because Torres.

Since last summer, Dodgson and Liverpool stay top in persuading Torres had promised would be out of the Red Army only last season ranked No. 7 in the doldrums, but I never thought that, before taking office in Kenny Doltish, even if the worms have been expelled Hicks E PL Football Shirts and George Gillette, but Dodgson went so far as Liverpool also brought into the relegation circle, even the king back now.

It basically impossible to put Liverpool back to the Premiership top four, in other words, the next Liverpool European Union should continue to play the season, this is very disappointing Torres decided not to wait any longer, and hope Liverpool agreed to comply with the previous gentleman to let him leave. Indeed, while Liverpool also made a swift response, they rushed to 2 days before the offer Suarez rapid increase of 1,200 pounds to 2,300 pounds and over 4 years with a contract value of £ 1,500.

Which were locked front Uruguay Pa, even though Torres Liverpool F C Football Shirt leave got the best substitute, the only thing is to stop Torres, Chelsea transfer fee, “Mirror” revealed that Chelsea intend to offer in these two days will be increased to 6,000 million pounds, or 5,000 pounds + Stewart Ridge (“Sun” is to say £ 5000 or £ 4250 + Stewart Ridge), and Torres top side of a two-pronged force the Army agreed to release.

In fact, the transfer fee is not critical because the major media to say the British are not the same, and many of the transfer even if finalized, the specific number of transfer fees is a mystery, the most Liverpool fans worried about the attitude of Torres, and “Mirror” Liverpool Shirt also believe that Chelsea’s bid to Liverpool the psychological bottom line, with Torres insisted to go, they will eventually release, but Liverpool fans do not want to force people to keep one wants to go, even then Steven Gerard.

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