The Sword of Barcelona to Join the Country Club

Who will remember Frank Aardvark with the Soccer Jerseys of 12 home games against league Murcia; let Pedro on the bench in the 88th minute to complete a team debut in Barcelona? Now in the game against Algeria, Peter has completed on behalf of Barcelona, a team of its first 100 games.

Five consecutive league games after scoring Pedro, once again the networks presented a beautiful head. Match the first 30 minutes, Harvey kick right, Pedro oblique left rib cage shaking fire jumping high, the ball in the upper left of the door. It is the little man Pedro 18 goals this season, scoring the second in command.

Weekend last league after reporters asked Maxwell, Peter gaps, Maxwell said: “I do not know, I remember, I was working on this, it is the level of opportunities for good, before running after the market worked. I do not know, ran well. “Brazilians were the last to the head of the assessment is said jokingly, but three days later, Pedro with the English Premier League Soccer Shirts was the joke of expression ’seriously’ l ‘.

Peter became really famous in the season. Aardvark era, Pedro just completed its debut. And the first season, Guard Ila, Pedro is still a debate team and two teams, playing 14 games without scoring a goal. Last season, Henry and Guard Ila, Pedro discontent gradually get more opportunities to play, not only created a period of six games with all the historical documents, played the entire season is 49 games, 22 goals in it. In Pedro’s goal this season is bound to go beyond the level of last season, so far scored 18 goals in 28 games.

However, Peter was a team game in 100 games scored 41 goals, including targets to complete all of the age of Pedro Guard Ila was gamer used to the objectives of the second level, more than just one season Ego’s or has played 36 balls, the current leader Peter Massey, the era Guard Ila with the Barcelona Soccer Team Jersey scored 120 goals, but Macy’s is a different story and people are very comparable.

Pedro to commemorate the hundred courts, Bar-co TV Interview with Pedro is still modest in style, said: “I want to thank the team is now through the work I will also strengthen cooperation. I feel very comfortable in the field. A through competition, I gained confidence, I adapt to the team is also very good. “? 100 games in which the area is the most memorable Peter said.

“If you must choose one, I chose the Real Madrid’s 5-0 victory” Speaking two may meet again in the final of the Co pa Del Rey Peter with the Villa Shirt said: “It would be a wonderful game, but less than half of the semifinal, but to play away games, we cannot forget the difficulties of the road when it hit the Betas.”

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