The Milan Officially Announced for Purchase

After the arrival of Mark van Bummer, AC Milan whose players are on Soccer Jerseys in the winter transfer market has acquired three forcing. But in the interview that follows, but Milan, Adrian Gallivant, vice-president seems to be enough, said the Ericsson will be used writing firms. It has been reported that AC Milan, the fourth left-back operations, including Cohen Trough ton, including many Titans are the preferred choice Gallivant.

To consolidate its lead in the championship of the Series A, AC Milan move significantly in the winter market, after Casino and Mark van Bummer after visiting the San Giros stadium. However, the pace of signings of Milan does not stop.

In an interview with an interview with Italian media, Gallivant said: “We will make a surprise!” Milan vice president confident, Allegra with the Barclays Premier Lila Soccer Jerseys also expects it most enthusiastic for final approval this time the target of left-back position Gallivant.

AC Milan end was near his best defense games, in the case of injured Glucagon Cumbrous Antonia left behind almost the only one available. Once injured, the defense of the city of Milan, left the door open, and in fact, no candidate is assured Antonia Allegra. In this case, the introduction of a choice left back for AC Milan as far-reaching emergency. AC Milan’s first goal of the current character is a Portuguese star Cohen Trough ton.

The star of 22 years, from the World Cup in South Africa last year, made famous as Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Chelsea, where many wealthy want to be involved in its control, the Manchester United and even offer 25 million euros, hope to a people’s Benefice side. But Benefice’s attitude was very clear, if this is not an offer breathtaking rich and is not easily removable from the stars of the future.

Recalling the three elements signatures AC Milan, Casino, and Mark van Bummer are free to join and the transfer rate will not exceed $ 3 million. This shows that the Ericsson with the AC Milan Jerseys Soccer cannot afford to pay huge transfer fee, which will be his biggest obstacle to the acquisition of straw Cohen. Straw Cohen also said publicly that, if not a generous contract, prefer to stay at Benefice. There are indications that, AC Milan may be an illusion.

If Cohen cannot join AC Milan, Adrian Gallivant, straw, will seek alternatives, Maxwell, Joseph – Happy Harry and Milan vice president in the list. Maxwell, Inter Milan after Barcelona was not serious, if the heat can go to AC Milan to play in the Brazilian left is a good choice. More importantly, your agent is Layaway; Gallivant may be closely related to the case.

In addition, Newcastle United Jose – Enrique Allegra with the AC Milan Soccer Jersey is cheap and affordable to people, and Bayer Munich is also happy with the two clubs can finally joined a good relationship.

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