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Yes, after not having posted picks since about ever, I killed the steak of not posting for the good luck of not jinxing Miami; here I am, once again. Now, in week 7 of the craziest NFL season ever, here are my picks for the week, in a different style: Instead of straight up picks, here are my picks against the spread. (Home team in caps)

Tennessee over KANSAS CITY

Let’s see: on one side of the ball you have the QB-less, RB-less, Line-less, Defense-less, all around terrible team. On the other side of the ball, you have the Rejuvenated QB, Two great RB s, and an underrated line, best D in the league team. I expect this one to be a blow out, maybe 20-point difference.

BUFFALO over San Diego

I really like the Bills this year, as they have a good young QB and RB this year, a good defense, just an all-around good team. I’m not sure if they can make the leap to ‘great’ yet, but they can diffidently beat the surprisingly 3-3 Chargers.

BENGALS over Pittsburgh

Think about this: who would of thought that the lackluster Rams could beat the rolling Redskins? No one. The Steele’s are looking good right now, but Science is still looking for the first win. I don’t think that Science will straight up beet the Steele’s, but they’ll make it pretty close.

MIAMI over Baltimore

Joe the Plumber Falcon is heading into Miami, where Da Fins are better than average at home, and have one of the best D’s over the past couple of weeks. With a lot of people on the injured report for Baltimore’s Defense, look for Ronnie and crew to run right over them.

ST LOUIS over Dallas

You’re probably thinking “crazy-11-year-old-who-probably-doesn’t-even-know-sports say what?” Well I say that without Tony Room Dallas even less like the contender they’re supposed to be, and after St. Louis riding high after their surprising win over the Redskins last week, they could make this one very close… and maybe even win.

CHICAGO over Minnesota

This one could actually be a larger victory than you expect, will Minnesota looking really vulnerable against Detroit last week and how Kyle Norton, Matt Forte, and the rest of the Chicago offense are really starting to click.

New Orleans over CAROLINA

Do you know what ‘it’ is? You know that little thing that teams either have or they don’t? Well, even after their impressive start, I just don’t think that the Carolina Panthers have it. On the flip side, with probably the best offense in the game with Drew Braes and Reggie playing like they are, the Saints do have ‘it.’

GIANTS over San Fran

I know I have already picked a couple of stunners, but this game won’t be one, with the Giants pumped to show the Nines the team they really are after their loss to the Brownies. The Nines just don’t have the Q b or Receivers to run the type of offense their coordinator, Mike Mart, wants, and that’ll hurt them in this game.

HOUSTON over Detroit

The lions are going to go 0-16 this year. No doubt about it. That’s all that can be said.

Jets over OAKLAND

Jet Fare throws for some amazing stats for the first part of the game, then collapses and has a heart attack in the second half, but they still hang on to beat the Raiders by 10 or more.

Cleveland over WASHINGTON

This could really be a great game, as the Cleveland offense finally starts to click again, and Washington’s should be much better than their showing against the Rams last week. Maybe Cleveland will win it, maybe they won’t, but it’ll be a nail biter until the end.

GREEN BAY over Indianapolis

If the Browns-Skins game isn’t the game of the week, then this one will be. You have the guy who has been one of the best (if not THE best) for years versus the young Rodgers who has surprised a lot of us this year, and will produce for years to come. Both teams have struggling defenses that should be good, so this could be a high scoring shoot out.


Denver over NEW ENGLAND

Denver’s offense will bounce back after a couple of good, but not great weeks, as Matt Case will be scared like its Halloween early.

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