Ski & Snowboard Season is Upon Us – Choose the Right Clothing

The snowfall limit is falling and the winter is slowly moving in, so it goes clearly towards winter sports season. In addition to well-maintained skis and snowboards, it is always important to have the right clothes with you. So it is always appropriate to dress the temperatures accordingly:

While at the start of the season and against the spring can be dispensed with a shift, so in December to February, the temperatures are usually lower and good clothing is essential. You can buy these in the nearby sports shop or in an online shop, such as Zealand.

Why dress properly?

During the time I gave snowboard lessons to teenagers, I experienced some bad clothing and still encounter such cases today. There are only a few points to consider, so as not to freeze, the wind, the cold and the wind on the mountain contribute their part – because you have to hold with good clothes against it.

Onion principle

You probably already heard the term “onion principle” many times. It is actually about the fact that you dress in several thin layers, which still allows enough freedom of movement with a good fit. The basic equipment consists of three different layers:

  1. Functional underwear: Transports the sweat from the body to the next layer and keeps you dry and warm. Should be as close to the body as possible and tight.
  2. Inter layer: This layer is probably the most varied; it has the task to transport the moisture to the outer layer and also to warm the body. On cold days, fleece has proven itself, it is important not to use cotton, which would stop the moisture transport.
  3. Weather layer: The outermost layer must keep out moisture and cold, while continuing to transport the sweat to the outside. Functional outer fabrics is the keyword, when buying you should pay attention to the coating, which in combination can make the fabric waterproof, windproof and breathable.

I’m wearing…

… for years my winter clothing according to the onion principle. I vary as mentioned in the intermediate layer. I always wear long functional underwear and always buy a very thin but functional layer of the weather. Since this is windproof and waterproof, there is no disadvantage compared to a padded jacket or pants.

So I wear on the functional underwear, a back armor gilet and in warm spring days that’s enough. On cold days I just wear another layer over the back protector. If it gets warmer you can open it with the zipper or take it off and you are prepared for all situations. Cotton sweater or similar as the outermost layer makes little sense in my eyes.

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