The Last Fight for Canny Acquaint

Disappointment has been the reaction of people when the much anticipated fight between Canny Acquaint and Floyd May weather did not push through because of major problems with the fight contract. However this opportunity seems disappearing.

Another great finale for boxing fans out there is set to go as the pound for pound king Canny Acquaint is scheduled to exchange punches with Antonio Margarita in their contest for the vacant W BO Super Welterweight Championship at Cowboy Stadium. The fight was arranged after the dismissal of the possibility of the match between Acquaint and May weather.

All eyes are again reverted on this match as many speculations have been made. There are lots of issues that surround this fight and make the atmosphere more intense. First, even if Acquaint (51-3-2 38 KO) is known to have gained belts in 7 different weight divisions, this next fight is a different story as he is climbing to the super welterweight class and it is expected that as he gain that much wait, his movements will eventually be slower than before.

Margarita (38-6 27 KO) on the other hand is being still being haunted by news about his dirty fighting style especially with what happened in his bout with Miguel Cot to. Actually, the fact of the matter is that these two fighters will be fighting in that weight class for the first time. As for their qualifications, there can be no questions about it.

Canny Acquaint is still considered to be the best pound for pound boxer in the world and Antonio Margarita is ranked number 1 by the World Boxing Organization. Big stakes are up for garb for this fight and whoever wins this fight will make history especially with the rumors that this will be the last fight of the Filipino Champion.

If Canny Acquaint wins this contest, he will be the first and the only boxer to ever have eight championships in eight different weight divisions. This is a record that will surely bring him to the hall of fame of boxers.

As for Antonio Margarita, if he wins, this could be his fourth world championship but more importantly, he will be the first to defeat Acquaint after his lost to Erik Morales of Mexico during his featherweight days. This will surely be an intense fight as both slugger punchers are ready to engage in a fight at any given point of time.

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