The Lunch Expenses Were Cash Collection for Mind Games

Hand held mind gaming has been incredibly popular since the creation of PAC-man style hand held games. Things have come a long way since the Titres days of the Game Boy.

The latest product to create a media storm is Sony’s PS Vita and it promises to offer up a new dimension to hand held mind gaming.

The portable console is on a par with the home use PlayStation 3, but the PS Vita provides gamer with the ability to play on the move with powerful graphics and a comfortable bit of hardware to grasp.

The Sony PS Vita comes complete with a 5 inch touch sensitive OLE screen which is situated as you would suspect, between the operating controls. There is also great compatibility with existing PS P titles but there are fewer than 300 which are currently available for digital download. The second analogue stick can be reassigned to mimic the PS P function of control.

New mind Games

Perhaps the most exciting aspect about the Sony’s new PS Vita is the prospect of new games, this will come with time as developers will need to get a feeling for what the PS Vita is actually capable of, none the less, we can hope for some ground breaking game titles in coming months.

Initial games include Wipeout 2048 and Super Stardust Delta. These all take full advantage of the PS Vita’s cutting edge gaming technology.

The versatility and gaming power of the Sony PS Vita will stand the test of time, and the unit will easily stand up against home gaming consoles with gaming longevity, the fact it is portable and hand held simply adds to its already impressive techno-prowess.

It is a little old story

It is a story about my home about 40 years ago from now.
At that time, I was living with four people, my father who was a local government official, my mother who was in the post office, and my younger sister two years younger.
As it was around very old mind games, life was completely different.
It was not a luxury table at all, and I had a simple life.

One day my mother was opening a stamp collection file.
It was a scrapbook where my father was collecting commemorative stamps as a hobby.
My mother took out many stamp sheets from the scrapbook.
At that time, I did not hear any more than that, and I did not feel any doubts, but when we were adults, I had said that my sister remembered.

“I was embarrassed that I couldn’t pay for lunch.”
In other words, school lunch expenses, which are now account debited, were collected by putting cash in school lunch bags at that time.
Maybe my part was enough, but my sister’s part was not enough, so I could not make it in time.
My sister, too embarrassed to have been called by the teacher, has always been in an unforgettable memory.

Then, I heard that the stamp sheet that my mother was taking out was converted to cash, and I was able to safely pay for my sister’s lunch.
It’s an old story, but if you replace it with the present, does it mean that you don’t have enough cash and you want to sell items that you no longer need at auctions?
Even if the times change, the simple attitude of selling the property at hand does not change in times of trouble.

I remembered when I put the finished mind game on auction.

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