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Thanks for visiting us, but we’re just redesigning the website at the moment, and should be completed in a couple of weeks. We hope you’ve enjoyed all the mind games we’ve shown you so far, and we have a special treat for you installed on our new website. Our new website will be packed full of great mind games, discount codes for the software so you can save money, and also some free mind games you can share with your friends.

Minds Games are mostly free but sometimes it doesn’t cost a little money for the best, which is where a discount code comes in to save you money. A discount code is a special code you enter into the checkout process of a website to receive a discount on your total shop, a reduced rate on products, free gifts, or free delivery. We try and find the latest discount codes around so you can always get the best deal. We know it’s hard to get mind games for free but there are a few websites out there that can lower the cost, even after VAT has been added.

Over at Discount Code Hunter, they do something special that not many voucher code sites in the UK are doing at the moment. They are turning the industry on its head and creating a discount code site that hunts down all the best voucher and discount codes from the best and most respected voucher code sites in the UK and bringing them to you all on one page. Now you can simply visit their site, find the retailer you want and see what great deals there are. This means far less time searching all the voucher code sites and more time-saving money and being a loyal customer.

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