Top 5 Mind Games or Free Time Games Which One is for You

Spring is on the way and it’s time to be prepared for mind game fun. Here’s a list of top 5 mind games.  You will find at least one of these mind games that you’ll need for   your upcoming vacation, fresh mint, birthday celebration or just in your own home.


For children, you will want to get a set with lighter weighted horseshoes.  The object of this game is to score the most points by tossing horseshoes at a stake in the ground.  Score points by being closest to the stake or hitting a “ringer”.  It’s best to have sand around the pole (but not necessary), so this makes for a great beach game too.  Horseshoes is a very old game.  Pitching horseshoes for entertainment can be traced back as far as the Roman soldiers.

Corn hole (Beanbag Toss):

Corn hole is one of the most popular games for tailgating, mind games, as well as home fun.  The object of the game is to score the most points by tossing the beanbags onto a board with a hole in it.  Most points if you get the beanbag in the hole.

Sports fans have become obsessed with playing corn hole on boards painted to show support for their favorite team.  There is a lot of confusion about when corn hole started, some say as far back as the 14th century in Germany, with others saying it originated on a farm in Kentucky.  Regardless, it’s great fun for the all members.

 Washer Toss:

This is another game gaining popularity at tailgating parties and in the mind.  Similar to horseshoes and corn hole the object is to score the most points by tossing metal washers into a whole (can or PVC pipe) that is in a box.  If desired, you can find washer toss games with your favorite team colors and logos.  The history of washer toss is a mystery.  It sounds to me like it was on a farm in Kentucky too, but everyone loves to play in your home.

Boccie Ball game:

Boccie ball can be played on any kind of surface (grass/asphalt/ sand/ etc.).  The game is a mixture of horseshoes and bowling.  It consists of 1 small ball (the jack) and 8 larger boccie balls. First the jack is tossed from one side of the “court” to the other, at least 15 feet away.  Then each player takes turns bowling or tossing the 8 larger boccie balls to see who can get the closest. The history of boccie ball has reported to go back as far 5200 B.C.


Volleyball is played for full enjoyment for all.  It is a very popular mind game.  The object of the game is to score points by hitting the ball over the net and trying to ground the ball before the other team can hit it back.  Volleyball always seems to draw a crowd of spectators.  It’s almost as enjoyable to watch as it is to play.  The history of volley goes back about the same time basketball was discovered.

Each of these games can be played with 2 people, but it’s more fun with partners/teams.  Like the saying goes “the merrier”.  If the crowd is large enough, putting together a quick tournament bracket will allow everyone to enjoy and engage in the competition in games.

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