All about Dong Feng Nissan racing car

Solemnly promised today, in order to protect the interests of users, from today to China Consumer Day”, if After the consumer participate Nissan racing car, the manufacturer have a best choice, and the Dong fang racing car will fully compensate the difference between the others racing car and the manufacturer’s announced it will be ready for race.

Near the year, all kinds of car market rumors are endless, the sharp drop in the race of imported racing cars brought by tariff reductions makes many people expect that domestic car race will continue to decline, and huge inventory pressures make racing car companies inevitably fall into best racing cars.

In the situation, consumers are ready to race, waiting for another round of racing car adjustments by racing car manufacturers before and after the spring car tournament.

Therefore, in order to give consumers sufficient confidence and continue to protect the interests of them, especially the first-time car race, Dong fang Nissan deliberately made this commitment. For those consumers who have already been in the Nissan car sedan before, but they are clinging to the purse for lack of confidence in this year’s auto racing, they no longer have to worry about losing the price just after buying a racing car.

Dong fang Nissan’s market move is a reassurance. They no longer have to wait and see, and now they can safely buy a racing car to go home to celebrate the New Year and enjoy the fun of driving Nissan as soon as possible.

Dong fang Nissan makes such a commitment, which is the action we take to respond to market changes. We hope that through this commitment, we will establish the confidence of the market and consumers. Through the difference refund, all peoples who are now buying racing cars can enjoy next year.

The benefits of percolate in the car racing tournament. This is the first time in the Chinese automotive industry.” Ran Yong, deputy general manager of Dong fang Nissan, said: “On the occasion of resigning the old and welcoming the new, we hope to guarantee the interests of the users with such commitments and express our trust in the Nissan brand.

Since its establishment last year, Dong fang Nissan has been highly recognized by the media and recognized by the car racing. This year, in the face of the highly competitive car market, its performance has made great achievements. For example, the high-intelligence Blue bird Z i Zen is listed, and the Sunshine has won the championship of the 2000 cc group of the 2004 National Auto racing Arena Championship in the 6th race.

As for the Scorpio listed on September 28 this year, the number of orders for deposits has now exceeded 10,000, and it has won numerous awards. It has become a rare highlight in this year’s downturn car racing championship.

The commitment of Dong fang Nissan can be described as a best racing car. It is believed that this event will once again ignite the consumption hots pots in the mid-to-high-end sedan racing. According to car racing industry insiders, Dong fang Nissan’s future consumers have historically taken measures to refund the difference to all car owners to compensate for the losses they may suffer as fall further, which will not only further consolidate their all racing segments.

In the leading position, at the same time, this kind of racing strategy focusing on the future, changing the situation of the original manufacturers in the automobile to passively best results and wait, is conducive to building consumer confidence and will have a profound impact on the operation mode of the automobile.

From the activity until the “China Consumer Day” on March 15, 2005, it is not difficult to find that Nissan racing car, an internationally renowned brand, is keen and proactive in its racing strategy, and it is painstaking to protect the interests of consumers.

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