Become an N Fl Fan in Just Five Weeks

Today in a week begins the NFL. And you are ready! You know the ground rules, offensive and defensive players, and their moves. And – most important – you have a favorite team! Whether Patriots, Browns, Buccaneers, Dolphins or any other team. They all play at least 16 games in the next six months, maybe two or three more. You will have a lot of fun with your team and wish you every now and then that you have chosen another one.

What you can do now is to acquire a bit of material for an expert discussion: once you have read the last part of our series, you know the players of the “Special Teams”, can play some trick games and know what’s behind one The most mentioned sentences of the TV commentators are: “There is a Flag on the Play”.

Special Teams

First to a very special kind of player the Special Tamer They are played at a kick at the start of a half-time or after a touchdown. Or to achieve a field goal also here are each eleven against eleven people in the field. Most of them regular offensive or defensive players but a few are absolute specialists:

Kicker: He kicks the ball with his foot. The ball is – or rather: stands – on the ground, so like the kick in football. And because the football ball is not round, it takes a small rack or a teammate to hold the ball. The kicker makes the point and scores field goals or extra points. He is a pretty important player and needs iron nerves. Often a field goal decides victory or defeat at the last minute.

Long Snapper: The Field Goal uses another specialist: the “Long Snapper”. He is in the field instead of the center and holds the ball in front of the snap. But the ball does not just have to be handed over to the quarterback, but fly around 10 yards back to the “Holder”.

Thrown is between your own legs through. Sounds like easy job, but since I’ve tried to hit the king with a throw between my legs in the Cub game, I have great respect for the Long Snapper.

Punter: He also kicks the ball with his foot. But out of hand He comes in each case in the fourth down of the offensive used, if this has done after three downs no 10 yards. He tries to kick the ball as close to the opponent’s end zone as possible, so that his offensive has a long way to go for his own touchdown.

Kick and punt returner: The punts and the kicks in the attack can be caught by the opponent and already be carried back a bit. The player catching the ball is called “Returner”. In real life, he is usually wide receiver, running back or corner back, but there are teams that have one player who does not do anything else.

Special Plays

There are a few trick games in American football, which tear even the most discreet spectator off the seat and elicit a “you guile Sickle” (if the move works) or a “her Vole Fichte” (if he does not work). You should know three of them:

Play-Action Fake : The standard trick of an offensive, so to speak. The quarterback pretends to hand over the ball to the running back. The running back pretends he has the ball under his arms and sprints off. If the trick works, the defense throws itself on the running back and the quarterback can throw the ball to a free receiver. If it does not work, the quarterback is quite unprotected against the defensive line and must well take a sack.

Onside Kick:  In the first match, the kicking team has a small chance to keep the ball. A kick must be at least 10 yards in the air, then it is free. Just stupid, that there are already players of the opponent. If somebody of the kicking team somehow manages to get to the ball, he is not allowed to continue, but at least his team remains in possession of the ball.  .

Fake Punt:  In this punt is not as above described the ball with a big kick to the opponent ceded, but you pretend, as if you want to do that. But instead of kicking the ball, the punter plays a bit of running back or quarterback. So he tries to run the missing yard or throw a pass to a wide receiver.

Flag on the Play

There are quite a few referees on the field in American football. These do what referees do: whistle at the game, stop time, score points – and punish fouls. For the latter, they have a yellow Pinochet in the lapel, called Flag. They throw this piece of cloth on the field when a player has committed an irregularity.

In many cases, the turn is then played to the end and the referees then decide on a possible penalty. You may also consult for the decision video recordings … S app Blotter actually reads this blog too…?

The penalties start where it hurts the most: at the yards. For example, if the offensive is a false start, it must be five yards behind. If this happens in the first down, it is no longer “1st and 10”, but “1st and 15”. The offensive has to overcome 15 yards with her four attempts so she wants to stay in the field.

There are many ways to get a penalty. As you watch a football game, you’ll be asking yourself: what’s going on? But in three or four years you will know a lot about each other. Here are three fouls as starter help, which you will surely see:

False start: already briefly mentioned above. The offensive line cannot move in the seconds before the quarterback passes [snap]. If one of the linemen twitches with the eyelashes, the game is called and the play is repeated five yards further back.

Holding: A player may be blocked from the front by his opponent. But do not be withdrawn from behind. Also this foul usually happens to the lineman of the offensive, if they should block a Pass Rusher. Gives 10 yards and the turn is repeated.

Pass Interference: If the ball is in the passing game in the air, players of the offensive and the defensive can only play on the ball. For example, prevents a corner back the wide receiver to catch the ball in which he presses his arm down and even makes no attempt to catch the ball, is whistled. The same thing happens when the wide receiver pushes away the corner back before catching the ball.

The first is “defensive pass interference” and can cost quite a bit: it continues to play where the foul took place – as if the wide receiver had caught the ball. The second is the “Offensive Pass Interference”. For them, there are 10 yards penalty, and a lost down – almost an incomplete pass with punishment.

Ready for kick-off?

So, dear reader, the five weeks are over. If everything went well, you can hardly wait for it to get going. Kick-off is at night on Friday, September 6, 2:30 pm, last year’s winner of the Super bowl, the Baltimore Ravens play against the Denver Broncos, one of the favorites this season. Most other teams start on Sunday, September 8th.

But if it was not enough to become an NFL fan, you have some time. Book the night on Monday, February 3rd, then Super bowl. It’s on Swiss television. But I advise you to switch to a German or Austrian channel. You know enough about American football to annoy you about the Swiss commentators more than a stupid foul that messes up a super fake of your special team.

Ski & Snowboard Season is Upon Us – Choose the Right Clothing

The snowfall limit is falling and the winter is slowly moving in, so it goes clearly towards winter sports season. In addition to well-maintained skis and snowboards, it is always important to have the right clothes with you. So it is always appropriate to dress the temperatures accordingly:

While at the start of the season and against the spring can be dispensed with a shift, so in December to February, the temperatures are usually lower and good clothing is essential. You can buy these in the nearby sports shop or in an online shop, such as Zealand.

Why dress properly?

During the time I gave snowboard lessons to teenagers, I experienced some bad clothing and still encounter such cases today. There are only a few points to consider, so as not to freeze, the wind, the cold and the wind on the mountain contribute their part – because you have to hold with good clothes against it.

Onion principle

You probably already heard the term “onion principle” many times. It is actually about the fact that you dress in several thin layers, which still allows enough freedom of movement with a good fit. The basic equipment consists of three different layers:

  1. Functional underwear: Transports the sweat from the body to the next layer and keeps you dry and warm. Should be as close to the body as possible and tight.
  2. Inter layer: This layer is probably the most varied; it has the task to transport the moisture to the outer layer and also to warm the body. On cold days, fleece has proven itself, it is important not to use cotton, which would stop the moisture transport.
  3. Weather layer: The outermost layer must keep out moisture and cold, while continuing to transport the sweat to the outside. Functional outer fabrics is the keyword, when buying you should pay attention to the coating, which in combination can make the fabric waterproof, windproof and breathable.

I’m wearing…

… for years my winter clothing according to the onion principle. I vary as mentioned in the intermediate layer. I always wear long functional underwear and always buy a very thin but functional layer of the weather. Since this is windproof and waterproof, there is no disadvantage compared to a padded jacket or pants.

So I wear on the functional underwear, a back armor gilet and in warm spring days that’s enough. On cold days I just wear another layer over the back protector. If it gets warmer you can open it with the zipper or take it off and you are prepared for all situations. Cotton sweater or similar as the outermost layer makes little sense in my eyes.

The Sports Kid for N Fl Picks

Yes, after not having posted picks since about ever, I killed the steak of not posting for the good luck of not jinxing Miami; here I am, once again. Now, in week 7 of the craziest NFL season ever, here are my picks for the week, in a different style: Instead of straight up picks, here are my picks against the spread. (Home team in caps)

Tennessee over KANSAS CITY

Let’s see: on one side of the ball you have the QB-less, RB-less, Line-less, Defense-less, all around terrible team. On the other side of the ball, you have the Rejuvenated QB, Two great RB s, and an underrated line, best D in the league team. I expect this one to be a blow out, maybe 20-point difference.

BUFFALO over San Diego

I really like the Bills this year, as they have a good young QB and RB this year, a good defense, just an all-around good team. I’m not sure if they can make the leap to ‘great’ yet, but they can diffidently beat the surprisingly 3-3 Chargers.

BENGALS over Pittsburgh

Think about this: who would of thought that the lackluster Rams could beat the rolling Redskins? No one. The Steele’s are looking good right now, but Science is still looking for the first win. I don’t think that Science will straight up beet the Steele’s, but they’ll make it pretty close.

MIAMI over Baltimore

Joe the Plumber Falcon is heading into Miami, where Da Fins are better than average at home, and have one of the best D’s over the past couple of weeks. With a lot of people on the injured report for Baltimore’s Defense, look for Ronnie and crew to run right over them.

ST LOUIS over Dallas

You’re probably thinking “crazy-11-year-old-who-probably-doesn’t-even-know-sports say what?” Well I say that without Tony Room Dallas even less like the contender they’re supposed to be, and after St. Louis riding high after their surprising win over the Redskins last week, they could make this one very close… and maybe even win.

CHICAGO over Minnesota

This one could actually be a larger victory than you expect, will Minnesota looking really vulnerable against Detroit last week and how Kyle Norton, Matt Forte, and the rest of the Chicago offense are really starting to click.

New Orleans over CAROLINA

Do you know what ‘it’ is? You know that little thing that teams either have or they don’t? Well, even after their impressive start, I just don’t think that the Carolina Panthers have it. On the flip side, with probably the best offense in the game with Drew Braes and Reggie playing like they are, the Saints do have ‘it.’

GIANTS over San Fran

I know I have already picked a couple of stunners, but this game won’t be one, with the Giants pumped to show the Nines the team they really are after their loss to the Brownies. The Nines just don’t have the Q b or Receivers to run the type of offense their coordinator, Mike Mart, wants, and that’ll hurt them in this game.

HOUSTON over Detroit

The lions are going to go 0-16 this year. No doubt about it. That’s all that can be said.

Jets over OAKLAND

Jet Fare throws for some amazing stats for the first part of the game, then collapses and has a heart attack in the second half, but they still hang on to beat the Raiders by 10 or more.

Cleveland over WASHINGTON

This could really be a great game, as the Cleveland offense finally starts to click again, and Washington’s should be much better than their showing against the Rams last week. Maybe Cleveland will win it, maybe they won’t, but it’ll be a nail biter until the end.

GREEN BAY over Indianapolis

If the Browns-Skins game isn’t the game of the week, then this one will be. You have the guy who has been one of the best (if not THE best) for years versus the young Rodgers who has surprised a lot of us this year, and will produce for years to come. Both teams have struggling defenses that should be good, so this could be a high scoring shoot out.


Denver over NEW ENGLAND

Denver’s offense will bounce back after a couple of good, but not great weeks, as Matt Case will be scared like its Halloween early.

The Last Fight for Canny Acquaint

Disappointment has been the reaction of people when the much anticipated fight between Canny Acquaint and Floyd May weather did not push through because of major problems with the fight contract. However this opportunity seems disappearing.

Another great finale for boxing fans out there is set to go as the pound for pound king Canny Acquaint is scheduled to exchange punches with Antonio Margarita in their contest for the vacant W BO Super Welterweight Championship at Cowboy Stadium. The fight was arranged after the dismissal of the possibility of the match between Acquaint and May weather.

All eyes are again reverted on this match as many speculations have been made. There are lots of issues that surround this fight and make the atmosphere more intense. First, even if Acquaint (51-3-2 38 KO) is known to have gained belts in 7 different weight divisions, this next fight is a different story as he is climbing to the super welterweight class and it is expected that as he gain that much wait, his movements will eventually be slower than before.

Margarita (38-6 27 KO) on the other hand is being still being haunted by news about his dirty fighting style especially with what happened in his bout with Miguel Cot to. Actually, the fact of the matter is that these two fighters will be fighting in that weight class for the first time. As for their qualifications, there can be no questions about it.

Canny Acquaint is still considered to be the best pound for pound boxer in the world and Antonio Margarita is ranked number 1 by the World Boxing Organization. Big stakes are up for garb for this fight and whoever wins this fight will make history especially with the rumors that this will be the last fight of the Filipino Champion.

If Canny Acquaint wins this contest, he will be the first and the only boxer to ever have eight championships in eight different weight divisions. This is a record that will surely bring him to the hall of fame of boxers.

As for Antonio Margarita, if he wins, this could be his fourth world championship but more importantly, he will be the first to defeat Acquaint after his lost to Erik Morales of Mexico during his featherweight days. This will surely be an intense fight as both slugger punchers are ready to engage in a fight at any given point of time.

The Computer Tech Support for Athletes

Boxers, basketball players, football players and all sorts of athletes have very hectic schedule especially when preparing for an event in which they are involved. Most of the time, they cannot afford to have distractions because this might distort the flow of their training and concentration. That is the reason why most of the time they lose the privilege to fully enjoy new technological inventions and gadgets.

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Computer Tech Support is important for people who are not that aware of the potentials of gadgets introduced to the public nowadays. As we all know of it, we are now living in a world where computers rule and all technologies are based on them.

With that said, busy people, like athletes, who don’t have the luxury of spending too much time in trying to learn all of these things, need some sort of support and that can be provided by the above-mentioned website. They offer best quality services in technical support for computer-based technologies.

All you have to do is to visit their website and see the array of services they are offering and see if it can provide help with your problems regarding our new technologies today.