Top 5 Mind Games or Free Time Games Which One is for You

Spring is on the way and it’s time to be prepared for mind game fun. Here’s a list of top 5 mind games.  You will find at least one of these mind games that you’ll need for   your upcoming vacation, fresh mint, birthday celebration or just in your own home.


For children, you will want to get a set with lighter weighted horseshoes.  The object of this game is to score the most points by tossing horseshoes at a stake in the ground.  Score points by being closest to the stake or hitting a “ringer”.  It’s best to have sand around the pole (but not necessary), so this makes for a great beach game too.  Horseshoes is a very old game.  Pitching horseshoes for entertainment can be traced back as far as the Roman soldiers.

Corn hole (Beanbag Toss):

Corn hole is one of the most popular games for tailgating, mind games, as well as home fun.  The object of the game is to score the most points by tossing the beanbags onto a board with a hole in it.  Most points if you get the beanbag in the hole.

Sports fans have become obsessed with playing corn hole on boards painted to show support for their favorite team.  There is a lot of confusion about when corn hole started, some say as far back as the 14th century in Germany, with others saying it originated on a farm in Kentucky.  Regardless, it’s great fun for the all members.

 Washer Toss:

This is another game gaining popularity at tailgating parties and in the mind.  Similar to horseshoes and corn hole the object is to score the most points by tossing metal washers into a whole (can or PVC pipe) that is in a box.  If desired, you can find washer toss games with your favorite team colors and logos.  The history of washer toss is a mystery.  It sounds to me like it was on a farm in Kentucky too, but everyone loves to play in your home.

Boccie Ball game:

Boccie ball can be played on any kind of surface (grass/asphalt/ sand/ etc.).  The game is a mixture of horseshoes and bowling.  It consists of 1 small ball (the jack) and 8 larger boccie balls. First the jack is tossed from one side of the “court” to the other, at least 15 feet away.  Then each player takes turns bowling or tossing the 8 larger boccie balls to see who can get the closest. The history of boccie ball has reported to go back as far 5200 B.C.


Volleyball is played for full enjoyment for all.  It is a very popular mind game.  The object of the game is to score points by hitting the ball over the net and trying to ground the ball before the other team can hit it back.  Volleyball always seems to draw a crowd of spectators.  It’s almost as enjoyable to watch as it is to play.  The history of volley goes back about the same time basketball was discovered.

Each of these games can be played with 2 people, but it’s more fun with partners/teams.  Like the saying goes “the merrier”.  If the crowd is large enough, putting together a quick tournament bracket will allow everyone to enjoy and engage in the competition in games.

Keeps Your Mind Games Safe and Sound

The mind games software is an incredibly popular system that offers a unique method of game play. It’s no wonder so many people want to make copies of their own mind games as backups to keep them from being damaged.

These mind games typically come in the form of a disc which looks like any other CD?

But they cannot be as copied as easily as a music CD. The process is a little more complicated; keep reading for some tips on copying mind games and a guide on when you should and should not back up a given mind game disc.

The software which you use to rip and burn CD doesn’t work to copy mind games. Nero, Roxie and other common CD burning software can’t copy these discs due to the copy protection which is encoded on the disc. This encryption keeps your computer from reading the disc.

Of course, like most copy protection, it didn’t take long for someone to come up with a workaround. There are programs available that can read through the copy protection that comes on a mind games disc.

This copy protection breaking software makes copying mind games as simple as a few mouse clicks. With the software installed, your computer will be able to make sense of the data on the mind game disc. Better yet, it’s not just mind game discs which can be read using this software; PS 3 and Xbox mind games can also be read.

Even some mind games use encryption that can be broken by these programs. Should you own more than one game system, this software can help you produce backup copies for all of them, not just your mind games.

Once you have the necessary software to break the encryption on the disc, you can copy the mind game to your hard drive as a disk image. Then you can burn a discussing this image just as you would with any other, using the CD burning software of your choice.

These programs often feature burning and copying capabilities along with their decryption abilities. Using these built in tools; you’ll have a smaller chance of burning errors when copying mind games.

There are a lot of options available for copying mind games now which make the process quick and easy. Making a backup of your mind games is a great idea?

You’d hate to lose your mind games to accidental damage or loss; copying the mind games.

The Burning Mind Games is Easy Here’s How You Can

An incredibly popular system that has a lot to offer, the mind games is one of the systems that have the most copied mind games around. After all, with all the fun it can offer, it’s no wonder lots of people want to back up their mind games in case of damage.

These mind games come on discs that look a lot like standard burnable CD, but they can’t be copied in exactly the same way. The procedure is a bit more complicated. Here’s a short guide to tell you the basics for copying mind games, as well as when to do it and when not to.

Regular disk burning software won’t be able to copy mind games the same way as it cans an audio CD. Nero, Roxie, and other similar top of the line programs aren’t able to make copies of these disks because of the encoded copy protection that keeps your computer from reading them.

Like most types of copy protection, this encryption didn’t last long before there was a way around it. Programs are available which will read through this encryption and help your computer understand the information on the mind game disk.

After installing software of this type, it’s really quite easy to copy the mind game itself. Suddenly, your computer can understand data that it couldn’t read before. This is true whether the game is on the mind or another system.

Even some of the copy protection encryption used by mind games can be broken by programs of this kind. If you own more than one system, you can use this software to make backup copies of all your mind games, not just the ones for the mind.

Once you’ve found the right program for breaking encryption and installed it on your computer, the next step is copying mind game data as a disk image. After you’ve stored this image on your hard drive, you just need to put a blank disc into your burner, and then tell the program to burn the image there.

Much of the time, you don’t even need to use your regular burner, since decryption programs include copying and burning functions. That keeps your chances of an error during ripping and burning much lower.

Copying programs are now available that’ll let you copy mind games with just a few clicks of the mouse. This is a wonderful way to make a backup of any other mind game that you want to be sure stays in good shape. After all having a backup in case the original is damaged or loss never hurts.

The Lunch Expenses Were Cash Collection for Mind Games

Hand held mind gaming has been incredibly popular since the creation of PAC-man style hand held games. Things have come a long way since the Titres days of the Game Boy.

The latest product to create a media storm is Sony’s PS Vita and it promises to offer up a new dimension to hand held mind gaming.

The portable console is on a par with the home use PlayStation 3, but the PS Vita provides gamer with the ability to play on the move with powerful graphics and a comfortable bit of hardware to grasp.

The Sony PS Vita comes complete with a 5 inch touch sensitive OLE screen which is situated as you would suspect, between the operating controls. There is also great compatibility with existing PS P titles but there are fewer than 300 which are currently available for digital download. The second analogue stick can be reassigned to mimic the PS P function of control.

New mind Games

Perhaps the most exciting aspect about the Sony’s new PS Vita is the prospect of new games, this will come with time as developers will need to get a feeling for what the PS Vita is actually capable of, none the less, we can hope for some ground breaking game titles in coming months.

Initial games include Wipeout 2048 and Super Stardust Delta. These all take full advantage of the PS Vita’s cutting edge gaming technology.

The versatility and gaming power of the Sony PS Vita will stand the test of time, and the unit will easily stand up against home gaming consoles with gaming longevity, the fact it is portable and hand held simply adds to its already impressive techno-prowess.

It is a little old story

It is a story about my home about 40 years ago from now.
At that time, I was living with four people, my father who was a local government official, my mother who was in the post office, and my younger sister two years younger.
As it was around very old mind games, life was completely different.
It was not a luxury table at all, and I had a simple life.

One day my mother was opening a stamp collection file.
It was a scrapbook where my father was collecting commemorative stamps as a hobby.
My mother took out many stamp sheets from the scrapbook.
At that time, I did not hear any more than that, and I did not feel any doubts, but when we were adults, I had said that my sister remembered.

“I was embarrassed that I couldn’t pay for lunch.”
In other words, school lunch expenses, which are now account debited, were collected by putting cash in school lunch bags at that time.
Maybe my part was enough, but my sister’s part was not enough, so I could not make it in time.
My sister, too embarrassed to have been called by the teacher, has always been in an unforgettable memory.

Then, I heard that the stamp sheet that my mother was taking out was converted to cash, and I was able to safely pay for my sister’s lunch.
It’s an old story, but if you replace it with the present, does it mean that you don’t have enough cash and you want to sell items that you no longer need at auctions?
Even if the times change, the simple attitude of selling the property at hand does not change in times of trouble.

I remembered when I put the finished mind game on auction.

The No Place Like Home Best Mind Game

This is part one of the three hour season finale and it’s obvious why the producers wanted three hours to tie up the season – a lot is happening and a lot more is on the way. The episode opens with the Oceanic Six arriving home together. This is one of those scenes that are not necessary but it’s highly anticipated nonetheless. Seeing the six of them carrying the weight of the events on the island on their backs was riveting.

There’s some discussion prior to their appearance in front of the press with Jack and the gang going over the story they’ve decided to tell. It’s pretty obvious that the Six have been adhering to some fake story but it was good to see the setup for that story played out. The story was told to the press a bit too stiffly by an Oceanic rep (Admiral Cane from BSG).

The majority of the action in this episode happened on the island though – and it happened all over the island. There’s a lot of dashing back and forth across the island with various groups running into each other and changing course, typical lost stuff.

Everything will come to a head at the Orchid base over the next few episodes. This week Locke, Hurley, and Ben went to the Orchid to “move the island” and Kenny and his men are waiting there because they know that’s where Ben will go.

Jack and Sawyer went to the Orchid out of concern for Hurley. Eventually Say and Kate race into the forest to catch up with Jack and Sawyer to back them up. So, yeah, there’s a lot of back and forth through the forests of this mysterious island. That’s not necessarily a bad thing; it just really stood out in this episode more than others.

Anyway, at the base Ben – not surprised by anything as usual – gave Locke instructions on how to access the Orchid base and then surrendered himself to Kea my who responded by knocking Locke out with his gun.

Ben is a fascinating character on this series and many of the show’s questions center around his character. Seeing him submit himself to Kea my was intriguing but in a way not surprising.

Alpert has been appearing in flashbacks here and there but this week he finally returns to the here and now with a bunch of “Others” to capture Said and Kate. Many people on the island appear to age but not Alpert. Could it be that Alpert is more connected to island than the show has revealed? Could he even be Jacob?

The creators have done a good job of sprinkling him into the series just enough to make him interesting. It’s good to see him back on the island in current time. Hopefully in the next two hours there’ll be some new information about him. It’s also about time the “Others” came back into the picture. They’ve been off the show for too long.

We’ve seen the Oceanic Six but they don’t match the first six castaways that left the island for the freighter with Daniel. Unfortunately other than Jin, Sun, and Aaron the rest of the inhabitants of the raft are probably red shirts. One of the best scenes in the episode comes when Jim and Sun meet Michael on the freighter.

They didn’t accept him or trust his story, as they shouldn’t have. Jin can be a fairly intimidating presence and that presence comes through when says to Michael that he understands what Michael is saying. Sun can be pretty tough herself and she gets a chance to show it in a riveting flash forward scene with her father.

Michael did fix the engine but apparently a boat load of explosives is messing with the instruments the ship needs to navigate so they are just stuck in the water. Obviously the device strapped to Kea may’s arm controls the explosives. The people on the freighter, not the castaways that have come to the freighter but the actual deckhands and such, are the most cardboard background characters that have ever appeared on the series.

It’s also a little odd just how few of them there are considering how large the boat is. This is a minor complaint but it’s worth mentioning because it stretches even to Kea may’s mercenaries.

Who are they?

So much happens in this episode it’s almost worth multiple viewings. Information saturation was expected since the producers asked the network for an additional hour to tie up the season. Damon Lin dale and Carlton Cues, the creators of the series, wrote a deep episode with solid setups for what’s sure to be a riveting finale. All cylinders were firing this week from the Sun and Hurley-eccentric flash forward to Ben’s mysterious ego, to Sawyer’s angry return to the group.

This week appeared to be more of a setup for answers to questions rather than simply answering them but the anticipated answers are big ones. The two week wait to the season finale is going to be a long one.

University of Alabama Wins Its First National Title

On Sunday, June 2, the University of Alabama won the school’s first National Title in golf, beating Illinois in the tournament final 4 to 1. The event was held at the Capital City Club’s Crab apple Course in Atlanta, Georgia, where upstart Illinois failed to capture its own first title ever.

Golf Week reports that Bobby Wyatt, the third-ranked college player in the country, had five birdies on his first seven holes. Only one Alabama player lost his individual match up.

The win marks a major comeback for the school, which had made it to the final at last year’s tournament only to lose to Texas, and shows that they’re good at more than just football.

“I came here (Alabama) for a reason,” Alabama team member Justin Thomas, who won the Hawkins Award for the best college golfer, said to the Golf Channel. “And that was the reason I came here for and it’s unbelievable to get it done.”

Illinois’ appearance in the final was something of a surprise. They faced California, the top-ranked school in the country and the favorites to win the whole tournament, in the semifinals and edged out a victory. But Wyatt and Alabama were simply too dominant. Alabama faced Georgia Tech in their semi.

It remains to be seen whether this is the start of a dynasty at Alabama or if they’ll only be one hit wonders. Wyatt is only a junior, meaning he has one more year left of eligibility, but he could turn pro if he wanted to.

If the success of the Alabama golf team has inspired you to try out for your own high school or college squad, make sure to pick up a set of discount golf balls from out online store and hit the links so you can get some practice in!

Where to Find Cheap Golf Clubs

Thrift shops are a great place to search for some cheap golf clubs, but make sure you purchase your golf balls from our online store!

Sometimes you may find yourself in a position where you need golf clubs quickly and cheaply. This could be for a number of reasons: Maybe your boss asked you to play thinking you already had a set, or perhaps you’re traveling and were invited to an impromptu round on a local back nine. In any case, you need equipment and you need it fast.

Here are some places to look for cheap golf clubs:

  • Craigslist: You may know it as the place to look for jobs and apartments, but typically you’ll find many listings of people trying to get rid of golf equipment that has been collecting dust in their garage.
  • E Bay: This isn’t an especially fast option, but if you anticipate you’ll need clubs and would rather not buy a brand new set, you’ll almost certainly be able to find a good deal on eBay, and you’d be surprised at the quality of clubs you can get for a good price.
  • Thrift Shops: Many secondhand stores, such as Goodwill, will have old bags of golf clubs that were thrown out by someone who couldn’t find the time to play golf regularly. You can usually buy these sets for as little as a few dollars and you may even discover that they’re in pretty good shape!

For cheap golf balls, however, there’s simply no alternative to our online store. We carry all the best brands, including Titlist, Bridges tone, Ron and Calla way. You’ll find that our AAA golf balls are in superb condition, as we carefully inspect each ball to ensure that it is free of scratches, stains and blemishes that can affect performance.

The Golf Shoes With Size for Golf Tournament

I have been reading what podiatrist Gary Fried lander says about choosing the best golf shoes – including comfort and support. Fried lander is the Director of Midwestern University Clinic–Pediatric Medicine & Surgery says “it all boils down to a shoe that fits you best,

The one that gives you proper support, flexibility, cushioning, and of course, what you feel most comfortable in”.  In addition to what we’ve looked at before here are a couple of new things to add to the check list.

Choosing Golf Shoes: Update

[1] You should try your golf shoes towards the end of the day, when your feet are larger than earlier in the day and more representative of when you’re on the 17th tee.

[2] Your golf shoes should ideally have a small heel (say 1 or 1 1/2″) which is better than flat shoes.  Tell that to the “lite” golf shoe brigade!

[3] Bigger & rounded toe boxes are better than pointed toes (which are only going to squeeze your toes).

[4] The mid-section of the golf shoe should be slightly raised where the arch of your foot is, in effect providing a resting place for the length of your sole.

I know that I’m the sort of golfer that changes his golf shoes in the car park, so I don’t spend so much time in the changing/locker room but I’ve been going to golf clubs for 40 years and I cannot remember seeing a golf shoe bag!

Maybe the better ones (and boy there are a lot advertised – and boy are some of them special – and costly), maybe these are used for air-travel.  There’s a lot of travelling golfers these days and we know they like to use their own shoes, so maybe you see them at airports?

Prices range from about £10/$10 (what’s the difference these days!) (As the ones on the left from Amazon) to £/$100.  The very smart ones – with history in their manufacturing companies – look like very special luggage. And the ones I looked at, purely as a by-stander, (Hartman’s also at Amazon) were sold out, so someone’s buying them!  They are better (and more costly) than my golf shoes!

The Caddies and Fore Caddies in Golf

Although these job titles are often thought to be synonymous, each has quite different responsibilities. Since these guys and girls are paid by the golfers—usually to the tune of $100 minimum per round – it’s important for you to understand their roles and put their services to proper use.

A caddie carries the bag, walks with the golfer, and assists an individual or a twosome in the play of the course. This person offers advice on club selection, strategy, and putting. A good caddie can improve your score by several strokes, particularly on a course you haven’t played before.

A Caddie’s Responsibilities:

Carry your bag—or push it on a trolley.

Be your “partner” throughout the round by helping with strategy, club selection, and green-reading.
Provide occasional levity or inspiration, as needed.

Do all of the housekeeping.

A fore caddie works for the entire group to watch for wayward shots, manage the housekeeping chores, and help maintain an acceptable pace of play. Don’t expect a fore caddie to improve your performance. Instead, a fore caddie should enhance your enjoyment of the course by handling most of the on-course etiquette responsibilities, so you don’t have to.

A Fore caddie’s Responsibilities:

Hustle and stay ahead of the group.

Watch wayward shots and help find the lost balls.

Provide yardages to the pin and other landmarks.

Clean all clubs periodically throughout the round, but not necessarily after every shot.

Clean all of the golf balls once they’ve been marked on the green.

Repair pitch marks and divots, and rake the bunkers.

Give brief descriptions of each hole to golfers who haven’t previously played the course

Tend the pin and provide general advice on the green.

A fore caddie shouldn’t tell each player which club to use or attempt to read every putt – there simply isn’t time.

Playing with a good caddie or fore caddie enhances the golf experience. However, feeling stuck with a chatty or lazy one, can suck the life right out of the group. Remember, you’re paying for the service. Confidently take control of the situation and inform your employee if you’d like to see more or less of a particular behavior. Believe me, they want you to be happy and will gladly adjust their focus to suit your expectations.

The Rules of Engagement for Couple’s Golf Competitions

Ladies, I want to talk to you directly for just a moment – but make sure your husband reads this too!

Let’s just get it out in the open.  There’s a joke that floats around the clubhouse of most golf courses that says this game got its name as an acronym for the words Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden.  Although some of the old codgers at your local course might think this is funny, and/or wish that it was true; trust me, it’s totally and completely false – and those guys are idiots.

In fact, the sport didn’t have an official name for almost a hundred years after its inception. There are historical records that show it was called many things, including guff, goof, gaffe, guff, golf, golf and eventually, golf.

The thought that it was intentionally called G.O.L.F. for chauvinistic reasons is as absurd as thinking that the word S.E.X. is an acronym for Satisfying Experience.  Because clearly this isn’t always the case either (Not for you, anyway) this notion furthers the point that what he believes to be true and what you know to be true can be miles apart.

This being said, ladies, it is also a fact that throughout golf’s history, men have played the game significantly more than women.  It was invented by stinky shepherds, no less.  So, although the game wasn’t designed to exclude you, the culture of the game evolved as a result of knuckle headed masculine influence.  This is why so many guys act like they own the joint.  It’s innate to our beings.  The argyle fabric that makes us men.  But that still doesn’t make it right.

One of my favorite things about golf is that no matter how well you’re doing, it is seldom as memorable as who you’re doing it with.  But this is also where one of golf’s greatest paradoxes exists.  Sometimes playing with those you love can make memories that will last a lifetime.  Other times, it can feel like the seventh level of hell, especially when your husband is acting like a jerk.

This point is repeatedly made crystal clear at the customary evening Couple’s Golf Competitions (CG C) that you’ll find at almost every course the world-over.  These CG Cs have become very popular social activities – especially for the retired.  Perhaps, it’s the reason you’re reading this article in the first place – your husband wants you to give it a go.

But CG Cs have also become a breeding ground for boorish behavior, frustration and disgust between partners.  That’s because, like an onion, there are many layers to CG Cs.  And like an onion, sometimes they stink and can make you cry.

In fact, the aftermath of a CG C gone wrong can get ugly.  You could end up leaving the golf course in a post-dinner buffet daze, wondering why you even showed up in the first place.

My question to the both of you is this:

Does this happen simply because neither of you played as well as you would have liked to?

Or is it something more?

Here’s what I think.  He sometimes acts like an idiot because he’s unable to be your hero.  It’s chivalry, sort of.

Chivalry gone wrong Way wrong

Every man has a primal instinct to perform for his lady, no matter what the event or where it’s happening.  It’s his duty to shoulder the heavy loads.  Raking leaves, shoveling snow, changing flat tires, starting fires and grilling meat might immediately come to mind.  It’s not that you’re incapable.  It would just make him feel unmanly to allow you to do those things.

However, on the golf course, where he’s supposed to be the dominant member of your tribe of two, he’s sometimes unable.  After all, everyone hits bad shots from time to time.  It’s inevitable.  So, when he feels as though he’s let you down while doing something he’s supposed to be good at, instead of understanding and accepting his self-disappointment, the typical male will get defensive and act out by pouting or sulking.

This behavior might go on for a while, say a hole or two.  At which point, you’ll be fed up with his tantrum and suggest that he get over it and act his age.

Now the gloves are off!  You’ve just given him the perfect opportunity to direct his disappointment away from himself and onto you.  He’s likely to say something offensive or insensitive to you – making you seem like the reason for the disappointment in the first place.  Somehow this has become your fault.

The problem really starts to escalate from here.  He’s mad at you for being mad at him, and when you either 1.) Scold him, or 2.) Try to console him; you’ll discover that both are incorrect responses.  You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t.  If you choose to console him it feels patronizing.  If you criticize his behavior, it could touch off a plaid-clad powder keg.

He’s mad, and he doesn’t want you to share your opinion about his behavior.  Not here.  Not now.   After all, he introduced you to this game, and who are you to criticize his behavior in this world?

His world

Finally Down to the point 

That’s the problem, isn’t it?  He still thinks it’s his course and his game…

Thus the Rules of Engagement for Couple’s Golf Competitions

  I hope these help prevent a similar scene from happening to you this coming Friday night.

Rule 01:  Understand the Enemy

Your enemy isn’t your partner.  It’s the format of the competition.  Couple’s golf, in and of itself, can be challenging and frustrating.  This is primarily because most competitions require each player to alternate hitting the same ball (or some variation of that basic concept), and it’s easy to get mad at each other when your best effort is ruined by your partner.

It starts out as frustration with golf.  For example:

You knock it stiff from 130 yards, he misses the short putt.  Next hole, he stripes a drive down the middle, you dump a wedge in the bunker.  Next hole, he hits a lousy tee shot… and explodes, then pouts like a ten-year-old.

But it always ends up as frustration with each other – because emotions and history get involved.  You end up mad at each other for your reactions to the poor shots, not the actual outcome of the golf game.

Rule 02:  Tell it like it is

There’s no need to sugar coat things.  Everyone knows a bad shot when they see one.  It’s when you say things like this that can really get under our skin:

“I don’t know what you’re mad about – that was great!”
(When it clearly wasn’t)

“Well, it was definitely better than I can do.”
(No offense… but no kidding!  If it wasn’t, then I’d snap a club in half and stab myself in the neck.)

Eventually, you’re mad because he’s mad.  Now the cat is really chasing its tail.  Instead, if both of you would just say exactly what’s on your minds, you’d get along much better.

Wow.  That really sucked Honey.  I know you can do much better than that.
(This is a very sneaky way to compliment him.)

“I wish you’d have done better than that – but I love you anyway.” 

“Well crap – we probably don’t have any chance of winning the pickle dish nowBummer.  Where’s the drink cart?

Rule 03:  Define your goals ahead of time

Your goal could be to have fun and laugh at the bad shots.  Your goal could be to play hard and play to win.  Either way, that’s fine.  Just be sure that it’s stated from the start so there isn’t any confusion and the objective doesn’t change during the round.  It’s easy to forget you’re having a great time when you fat a wedge or yip a putt.

Rule 04:  Have a drink or two first – but don’t get drunk

There’s a fine line between performance-enhancing, inhibition-lowering and technique-improving drinking, and over-indulgence.  Toe the line, but don’t cross it.  You want to be fun, not obnoxious.  You want to be relaxed, not lethargic.  You need to be cool, not crabby.  You want to be charming, not chatty.  A little booze might help.

Rule 05:  Make no apologies for your play

Agree from the get-go that there’ll be no need for apologies after bad shots.  Give each other the benefit of the doubt and assume that you’ll both try your hardest when it’s your turn.  What more can you ask?

Rule 06:  Bribe him if necessary 

Men (like monkeys) behave better when there’s a reward.  Maybe you’ll let him play golf on Saturday morning with the boys if doesn’t act like a moron on Friday night.  Maybe you could buy him that new putter he’s had his eye on – even though he already has fifteen other putters that don’t work either.  Or just a thought but sex, perhaps?  (Maybe you can think of something else, because it might not be S.E.X.)  I don’t know, just thinking about what would motivate me…

Whatever you mutually agreed upon, earning the reward must be based on his behavior – not his golf performance.  If it’s about his actions, and not his score, you can expect him to act like a prince all night long.  I promise.
Strict adherence to these Rules of Engagement may not make you play better.

Although they might

They will definitely allow you to enjoy your time at the course more thoroughly with the ones you love.  Now get out there and play!